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Lyncamerica is a different kind of freight brokerage firm.

The truth is, anyone can broker a load, but few providers approach freight brokerage like LyncAmerica.

We are a woman-owned business affiliated with a 50 truck asset-based freight transport company founded in and based out Chattanooga, Tennessee.

We utilize our years of experience, unshakable integrity, and access to trucks to give our customers excellent service and the best possible value for their money.


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How To Choose A Freight Broker

Freight Brokers are not all the same.

There are lots of good freight brokers out there, but finding the right one for you is harder than it seems. Here are a few items to check off the list before deciding who to trust with your valuable freight..

Brokerage License

Ask the broker you’re considering if they have a federal property broker license issued by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). For-hire motor carrier authority is not the same as broker authority. 

Shipper Selection

How does your prospective broker validate shippers before using them? Ask about their selection criteria, such as operating authority, safety rating and insurance coverage.

Financial Status

Your freight broker’s ability or inability to pay shippers and carriers will affect you and your shipments. Ask for permission to do a credit check before you make a decision.

Trade Associations

The Transportation Intermediaries Association (TIA) requires licensed property brokers to abide by a strict code of ethics when dealing with shippers and carriers. Look for a broker who belongs to a reputable trade group. 

Multiple Modes

Truckload service is common but you might need something different like LTL, open deck, vans, reefers or refrigerated vans? Make sure to find out if your broker has multiple model options available.


Good freight brokers communicate constantly with shippers and carriers – and with you. Find out about their processes for giving instructions, matching carriers to loads, confirming pickup and delivery, etc.  


Ask about contingent cargo insurance to pay shipper loss or damage claims if the carrier and its insurance company won’t pay. Liability insurance and errors and omissions insurance are also good safeguards.

Freight Brokerage

We connect you to a world of freight transportation options.

Trying to find a freight carrier with the right equipment at the right price exactly when you need it is like searching for a needle in a haystack. That’s why manufacturers and other companies with business-critical shipping needs rely on LyncAmerica. Our network of reliable freight carriers does it all, with services including: